Fitness Advice for the Overweight

The most difficult part for obese or overweight people wanting to incorporate fitness into their life is simply getting started. But in order for a person to break the sedentary lifestyle cycle, you have to be brave enough to take that first step.

Here are some tips on how to start if you fall into the obese/overweight category.

Be realistic, don’t be extreme. Going to the extremes by eliminating foods you enjoy in the very beginning is a recipe for failure. It’s hard to sustain long term and it’s not realistic with your normal eating habits. Focus on your caloric goal and steadily reducing certain foods to stay in that range.

Calories in VS Calories out. To keep it simple, you need to burn more calories (calories out) than you are consuming (calories in).
Just Move and Groove. When you’re starting out, the gym could be intimidating. If that’s the case, just move! Walk, bike ride, swim… burn calories and get moving.

Have patience. This is a long journey. It’ll take time. Be patient and be consistent.

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