I Didn’t Want A Family…

My family

Well, at least not until I was in my mid 30s anyway.

Being in the military, I saw many broken families due to the service, deployments and some really petty shit.

My first 10 years were filled with deployment after deployment, being away from my own family and really no care in the world about anything else other than myself.

I was selfish with my time.

After being stationed overseas, I received orders back stateside. Maybe it was me just getting older… but I prayed to God. I prayed for someone who I could share the rest of my time in this world with.

And he provided, just as he has always provided and protected me throughout this 15 years of service to our nation.

Things don’t always plan out the way you want it to. In Gods time…

Hope you all have a great week! Whatever difficulty you might experience, know that there is always someone you can turn to.

To your health,

Reden “Man of God” Dionisio

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