As a combat veteran with 20 plus years of service, Reden Dionisio has learned that leadership isn’t just about giving orders—it’s about living intentionally, taking purpose-driven actions, and leading authentically. Whether in the heat of combat or during times of peace, he’s witnessed the power of deliberate choices and values-driven leadership.

Reden is a leading expert on authentic fatherhood and entrepreneurship. He has worked with dozens of innovative leaders and entrepreneurs from various organizations like the U.S. Military to Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, USAA to Rotary Clubs in order to unlock their full potential through intentional action and authentic leadership. 

With a Bachelors Degree in Business Management focused on Leadership, being a certified Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Trainer along with over two decades of experience leading teams and coaching individuals in the United States Military from various environments, he is highly regarded by executive leaders and parents alike. 

His insights have been featured and heard in multiple podcasts on Leadership and Personal Development. As a Seasoned Coach, he can help any Business Leader or Parentpreneur with navigating the complexities of leading their family and business to experience exponential growth through utilizing his proven strategies for personal and professional success! 

3 Pillars of a Parentpreneur:

  • As Parents, let’s draw upon our experiences to instill these three pillars—living intentionally, taking purpose-driven actions, and leading authentically—in our families, creating a legacy of strength, resilience, and love.

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