Are you having FUN in your relationship?

Are You Having Fun?

Ok, admittedly it’s difficult during these times for us.

We moved to a new location. A week after we move, I’m away across the country for military training, leaving my wife and baby girl alone for the next two months. Oh and deployment coming up in less than a month.

Yeah, it’s stressful. But that’s life. Our life. We do our best to make time.

And that’s the important thing, Gents… and ladies if you’re reading this.

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Put it in your calendar.

Block off an hour or two of alone time with your significant other.

Don’t just go to the movie theater or dinner at a restaurant, go do an activity where you’re not stuffing your mouth with food and one where you don’t talk for two hours watching a movie.

You might be saying to yourself, dude, you’ve only been married for 3 plus years, who are you to give advice?

Fellow dudes, Dads, you’re right. Who am I?

I’m just a Fellow Dad whose trying to make my relationship with the woman I love, a stronger one each day.

Cause if you ain’t working on improving on it, then what’s the point of staying together?

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