To those young, brave and faithful

A young man served his nation,

Full of vigor and dedication.

He was quiet, goofy at times but always humble.

A young man you could count on to never crumble.

And so he was tasked to be our point man,

A vulnerable position to be in when things hit the fan.

To lead our patrol through some dangerous situations.

The young man had no hesitation, he was full of vigor and dedication.

And so it was during our last patrols you led us again,

Only this time it would be your last.

For you would never lead us again.

And although you have passed,

You will never be forgotten,

As I’ve often…

In times like these think of you

And those other brave young men like you.

So here’s to all of you,

Brave and Faithful few.

We living will always remember,

Those we lost before and after September.

#FortisEtFidelis #BraveAndFaithful #MemorialWeekend #MemorialDay

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