How to stay committed to your fitness goals.

So I reenlisted in the Navy today…

Committed 4 more years to protect and defend our great nation!

4 years might seem a long time, But these 15 and some change have gone by so quickly. Where has the time gone!? Its been a journey that I could not have imagined when I first put on our nations cloth and one that has shaped and molded me to be the man I am today.

Committing 4 more years made me think about how you can also stay committed with your fitness goals, so here are some of my tips.

1. Be patient. It took you years to gain the weight, so what makes you think you’ll lose it in days, weeks? Stay the course and take it one day at a time. There are no shortcuts when you are making a long lasting commitment, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. Set attainable goals you can actually obtain without starving or killing yourself.

2. Reward yourself. Make sure you take a cheat day to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in throughout whole process. Enjoy it. Just don’t go crazy eating a boxful of donuts or a tub full of ice cream in one sitting. You shouldn’t feel miserable in achieving your goals. Always have something to look forward to when you’ve achieved a milestone.

3. Integrate it into your lifestyle. This is the easiest way to remain committed to your fitness goals. Make your workouts something you do by default like brushing your teeth. Unless you’re a weirdo who doesn’t brush your teeth every day, this shouldn’t be an issue. Think of this as an investment in your health. You have to be sure to continually make that deposit.

Of course it takes hard work and dedication to be committed to any endeavor. To get in shape and stay in shape. Mostly, you have to visualize yourself and get in the mindset of being physically and mentally capable of getting fit.

I hope this helps. Motivation will get you there, but your dedication and commitment will get you through.

Till then, keep changing lives!

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