Date Night: A necessity, not a luxury.

Why date night is necessary and is needed in your calendar.

We went out to a restaurant out in town, one we haven’t been to since we moved here last year. With me being gone for training and then deployment we didn’t get a chance to go to it, but we are sure glad we did tonight.

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But getting back to the topic, why date night is necessary.

1. Communication is key in any relationship, especially marriage. Sometimes misunderstandings happen and next thing you know, it turns into something you both didn’t expect. You end up fighting over something so minuscule it didn’t matter to begin with. Date night offers a chance for both of you and your spouse to clear the air, talk it out and come to an understanding over some great food. Just you and her without the kid or kids around.

2. The Novelty of it all. Don’t you wish sometimes you can go back to when it was just you two, out and about having fun without having to worry about changing a diaper or putting a baby to sleep? Well, at least for the time being. Date night helps to rekindle that romantic spark and strengthen your relationship.

3. Relieve Stress. I got to listen to my wife today about anything and everything without any distractions. Like actually listen to her and some things that have been on her mind. Mainly about work but I enjoyed it. And I think she appreciated the fact she saw I had her back, providing any emotional support she needed.

4. Sexy time. Lol, well not tonight cause we were both full and tired afterwards. Damn we old!

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So there you have it Fellow Dads and Dudes. Now put it on your schedule and go take your significant out for a well deserved break!

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