Privileged and Honored.

My first duty station I was privileged to be with Corpsman with an infantry battalion with 7th Marines at Twentynine Palms, CA. I checked in still an E1,l deployed within months after checking in, still learning about the job as Corpsman with Marines. I made two combat deployments before checking out of 7th Marines and into Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) with the mentality of “HN for Life.”

I kid you not, that was what they had etched on my going away plaque when I left 1/7.

This past year I was able to return with the Marines, but now as the Navy Senior Enlisted Leader in the battalion. As “the Chief” with 6th Marines, 2d Marine Division Camp Lejeune, NC.

As we all were affected by COVID, I’m proud of our team, our sailors for persevering and pushing through throughout the deployment. Thankfully, we came back all in one piece and not one affected by COVID.

It was a privilege to be with 1/6. It was an honor to be these sailors Chief.

And as they passed around the paddle, wishing me well and telling me how a moment, a conversation, putting them in roles they had never been in before, placing them in uncomfortable situations and asking the difficult questions… I could not help feel truly honored as their Chief.

There are a few who wear the anchor but never live up to the title, just like in any other higher pay grade. But the majority of us I know are out there doing good and what is right for our sailors.

Hearing them say I made an impact, even when I felt like I could have done more, just made my day, my week and this duty station the best I’ve ever had as a senior enlisted.

Thank you to my guys for all that you do and for all the good I know you will continue to do.

Stay hard!


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