Building Muscle for Dads

Looking to have the best Dad Bod on the block?

Follow the Fit Dad rules for success on the proper way of building muscle.
Keep in mind, that going from Fat to Fit will take time, but with consistency, motivation and hard work you too can go from Fat to Fit.

1. Caloric Surplus. You can’t build muscle without consuming more calories than you are burning, reasonably of course without putting on more pounds of fat. Simply put, you gotta eat my man.

2. Compound Lifts. These are exercise movements that work several muscles at once, providing you with more bang for your buck than isolation exercises.

3. Proteins. If you have problems with keeping track of what you eat, focus on your calories and proteins. Foods such as turkey, chicken, eggs, fish and lean beef are staples of high protein included on your diet.

4. Progressive Overload. This is a must in your workout program to go from fat to fit. To put it simply, you’ll need to slowly increase the weights you lift over time in order to create muscle growth.

So there you have it. How to build muscle so you can be the Dad that can at least look like you can handle yourself and take care of the family in case things went sideways.

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