And how you can apply the same concept in choosing a coach!

I was eager to get home yesterday. Well, every day since our baby girl was born. No matter what the day brings, I know I can always go home to find her smiling, laughing to relieve any stressors of the day.

Yesterday was like any other day, until my wife told me of what had occurred earlier.

To sum up the story, she noticed something unusual with her left arm. She had not moved it since she had fell back on it while they were in bed.

Initially she made these facial expressions of feeling some pain when we tried to move it. Our concerns grew throughout the night as she avoided using it at all, so we decided to go to the ER.

Here is what you should know about going to the ER with your child and how you can apply the same concept in choosing a coach.

Take a deep breathe and keep your cool.
1. You need to stay calm for your child’s sake. Don’t let your mind jump all over the place. In finding a coach, keep your cool and put forth some trust that he will take care of your health and fitness needs.

Prepare for a wait.
2. When you go to the ER, you’re treated based on how sick you are, not in the order you arrived. With any fitness goal, understand that lasting success doesn’t come easily or as quickly as you’d like for it to be. Have confidence in your coach that he will help get you there.

Stay by their side.
3. The ER can be a frightening place. So can this journey to weight loss or in building muscle. A real coach will be there to guide you and mentor you through those frightening times.

Tell your child what to expect.
4. For many kids, the anxiety of what’s going to happen is worse than the actual pain. Your coach should carefully explain what you should expect from him, what he should expect from you and how he can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

She was diagnosed with Nursemaids Elbow, common among kids under 6. Thankful to God all is well now.

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