Why being away from your significant other is… OK!

Most people think the relationship is not as strong if you’re not always together. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case, especially for military couples.

This will be the second time since the last fall that we’ve been away from one another for months (it’ll be our longest). Being in the military, you expect it. Not saying that I look forward to it and of course it’s never easy leaving my wife and baby girl back at home. But it has taught me a few things that has strengthened our marriage.

Here are the top three reasons of how being away from my wife has made our relationship even stronger.

1. You find out real quick what the strengths are in your relationship.It forces you to find those strengths and identify any weaknesses in your relationship. Have trust issues? Rely too much on your spouse? Not communicating effectively? WORK TOGETHER to get through it all and develop a stronger relationship from it.

2. You’ll have more love for it. MUCHO LOVE.Sometimes we take for granted the times we share with one another. It could be as simple as just having dinner together as a family. Watching your favorite movie or tv show. Only when your spouse is no longer around will you realize just how important and valuable she is in your life.

3. When you truly love someone, let them be. Let her be who she aspire to be. Let her strive for her goals. Let her go there. In the end, she will love you for understanding and for supporting her goals.See, being away is not that bad. It’s ok.I love her even more for being both Mommy and Daddy for our baby girl.

So there you have it. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’d rather be with my wife, but duty calls. And I know for a fact that we will be a stronger couple because of it.

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